Be Eco-Friendly

Be eco-friendly with Fourway!

Our pocket squares exhibit a range of environmentally friendly materials, including silk, linen, wool and our upcoming bamboo-fibre range. 

In addition to our fabrics, our quad-design concept helps to reduce textile waste by offering you one piece of fabric instead of four. 

This benefits our environment, as the U.S. alone sends about 21 billion pounds of textile waste to landfills every year. So don’t purchase four separate pocket squares when you can grab a Fourway Pocket Square! 

Silk is not only stylish and sexy but it’s the most luxurious eco-fabric, being made from the one and only silk worm! Silk is spun from long threads that make up the inner cocoon of a silk worm. Silk worms themselves feed on mulberry leaves, which is a hardy tree, resistant to pollution and easy to cultivate. Silk is also flame retardant and has antibacterial properties – cool!

Did you know linen is made from flax plant fibres? Flax is grown free of chemicals, needs little to no water to thrive, and has a dramatically reduced impact on our planet compared to other fibres like cotton. Linen is also strong, moth resistant, and a biproduct from it’s production is linseed oil. 

Wool is warm, robust, and can come from the coats of many different animals like sheep, goats, rabbits, llamas and alpacas. This makes wool a very planet-friendly material. It has the longest lifespan of any other textile fibre and can be worn thousands of times until it finally biodegrades at the end of its lifespan. Wool is also hypoallergenic and easily cleaned.

Bamboo is easy to grow and quick to replace, being the fastest growing woody plant in the world, and requires no fertilizer and little water. Bamboo fibre is naturally antibacterial, odour repelling, UV protectant, long lasting, doesn’t pull, and is super soft!